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USB Waterproof Cable - Waterproof B to A Male
Waterproof B Male to A Male



Waterproof USB Cable
Building a new product?  Trying to find a solution that's waterproof?  This cable is right for you.  It has a female mating connector that's perfect for easy installation into your device.  Our waterproof connectors are sealed and ready to be installed into your case, controller, brief, tote, detonator, or anything else you might be installing it on.

Rugged USB Connector
From the picture, you can see that we use a metal housing.  It's a thick plastic that's very tough.  It's great for use in really tough environments, like farming , law enforcement field work, and in some factories that are just tough on hardware.  Don't risk a broken port, use this to ensure that your equipment isn't compromised by a flimsy USB port in a rugged environment.




s included
  • USB Waterproof A B Cable
  • Plastic twist lock action (Bayonet style)


RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant
Certificate of Conformity



  • Overmold and cable are black in color
  • All constructed cable is built to USB 2.0 spec
  • Waterproof with IP67 Rating when connected



Waterproof B Male to A Male

Waterproof B Male to A Male

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Available Part Numbers

  • PART #RR-112220-05-39 (39 IN)
  • PART #RR-112220-05-78 (78 IN)
  • PART #RR-112220-05-196 (196 IN)

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