Understanding FireWire Angled Cables

This article is concerning FireWire 6pin, FireWire 4pin, and FireWire 9pin Connectors.

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What does "Right Angle" really mean?

The best way to explain something is by using pictures, as the cliché says, "A picture is worth a thousand words". You probably came across this article while searching on the internet for the perfect FireWire cable. A right angle FireWire cable with just the right size. This Right Angle FireWire Chart will help you determine exactly what you need.

For determining if it's a Right Angle, Left, Up or Down Angle, we use the perspective shown by the pictures below. You'll also see the FireWire connectors below the picture to show you what exactly we mean when we say it will be angled in a certain direction. That should make it easier to apply to your situation and your need. Let us know if you have any questions. Our toll free number is 877-522-3779

4 pin Connector

Link to 4pin to 4pin cables
Link to 6pin to 4pin cables
Link to 9pin to 4pin cables
Left Angle Right Angle Down Angle Up Angle
4R01 4L01 4R3 4R4

6 pin Connector

Now, we can come across the same differences when we talk about the FireWire 6pin connector. Here's our perspective of it. We view the port from the perspective of the rounded part of the connector to the right. We like to think of it as a "D" shape.

Link to 6pin to 6pin Cables
Link to 6pin to 4pin Cables
Link to 6pin to 9pin Cables
Link to 6pin to extension cables
Left Angle Right Angle Down Angle Up Angle
6L 6R 6D 6U

9 pin Connector

The picture below will show that the notched part of the 9-pin connector is at the bottom.

Link to 9pin to 9pin cables
Left Angle Right Angle Down Angle Up Angle
(previously 9R01)
(previously 9L01)
9D 9U

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