USB Waterproof

Waterproofable USB Cables
Rated to IP67 (Twist Lock)
Rated to IP68 (Screw Lock)
Connectors are potted as a fail-safe
Items are stocked in Wichita, KS
Design your own custom Waterproof USB cable
We're happy to provide free consultation for your project.  Our engineers and inventory are located here in Wichita, KS.  The products we sell are both reliable, and available for long periods of time ensuring that you get a quality product now, and in the future.  Choose a stock item, or a custom waterproof solution with low minimum quantities, and great quantity discounts.

Guide to USB 2.0 angles | Custom Design Tool

Choose seal type

Twist connectors are larger and easier to lock/unlock Screw connectors are tighter sealing and smaller

Do you need help choosing an angled connector?

In addition to our straight cable connectors we also offer angled connectors guiding the cable in specific directions. Please refer to our page dedicated to Understanding USB 2.0 Angled Cables for more information.

Having trouble choosing a waterproof USB connector that's right for your application? Give us a call and we can help you decide what works best for you.

Custom made cables

Use our industry-leading custom cable design tool to specify exactly how you want your cable done.

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