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We carry unique USB cable configurations, including right angled, short, extra long extensions, and custom designs.  Choose a cable that fits your design, don't compromise your design.  We produce quality parts with thoughtfulness to the thickness of gold on the contacts to increase insertion rate, and softness of plastic both in the cable jacket for easy bending, but also the strain relief so that it actually functions well bending in any direction.

Guide to USB 2.0 angles | Custom Design Tool

Available Angles

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Don't design your product around a cable, design a cable that fits your product.

Do you need help choosing an angled connector?

In addition to our straight cable connectors we also offer angled connectors guiding the cable in specific directions. Please refer to our page dedicated to Understanding USB 2.0 Angled Cables for more information.

Custom made cables

Use our industry-leading custom cable design tool to specify exactly how you want your cable done.

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