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USB to FireWire Adapter
US Version (NTSC)

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Special Notice to Mac Users who use Parallels, Bootcamp, etc.: 

Thank you for visiting our site regarding this unique adapter that we carry.  We are fully aware that the new MacBook does not have a FireWire port.  We have tested this with with an iMac using OS 10.5 running Parallels 3.5 with Windows XP, and it works flawlessly.  We are having some other users test other versions, such as Bootcamp and VMWare, but we expect these to work as well.  We encourage you to try it.  It is covered by our 100% guarantee.

The Team
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What does this kit do?
This kit connects your DV camcorder to the USB port on your Laptop or Desktop PC.

Do I need a FireWire port in my computer?
No, you don't.  All you need is a USB port (standard on all new computers).  So, there's no need to add a card or open your computer to install anything.  It's all easy and plug and play.

Will I need to buy software too?
No, you won't need any additional software.  In fact, we highly recommend Windows Movie Maker, which is already build into Windows.  We do include software for Windows XP computers called ImageMixer that will help you download your videos to your computer.

Is the cable compatible with Vista?
Yes.  This cable is now Vista compatible with a fix.  Click here to download PDF instructions to update Windows Vista.


What's included

  • USB to FireWire DV Adapter

  • Drivers CD

  • Retail Package

  • ImageMixer Software (only for Win XP)





USB to FireWire DV Adapter




  • Supports DV (NTSC)

  • Windows XP / Vista

  • Mac compatible when using Windows XP or Vista through Parallels, Bootcamp, etc.

  • Plug and Play and Hot Swappable

  • 44 inches long

  • One Year Warranty

USB to FireWire DV Adapter

Hardware Specifications

Size: 104.0 x 32.0 x 16.4mm
Cable Length: 1120mm
Power: USB Bus Power
Electrical Consumption: 300mW
USB Connector: USB Type A
IEEE 1394 Connector: 4 pin
Still Image: BMP & JPEG
Movie: NTSC and PAL Versions
Audio: DV Audio

  Superior Image Quality and Transfer Times

The DV to USB 2.0 Transfer Cable is designed to provide superior image quality and blazing fast transfer times. It's patented micro chip technology within the cable module ensures that data is preserved from its original format.


  • Transfer DVD Quality video to DVD.
  • Firewire IEEE1394  to USB 2.0 Connection.
  • Transfer video and still data from your
    camera without the need for a computer "Firewire" connection.

Our compression compared to theirs!

Included in the Box

  • DV to USB 2.0 PC Transfer Cable
  • ImageMixer 2.0 Application CD (only for Windows XP installations)
  • Setup Instructions




Import Mode

The following functions are available for importing still images, movies, and sound to a computer. The imported contents can then be managed in Album mode.


  • Importing still images and movies from a digital camera or memory stick
  • Importing movies from a digital video camera via an i.LINK connection (Windows OS only)
  • Copying and importing ImageMixer data or data saved to a computer
  • Inputting sound from a microphone or sound input terminal
  • Importing sound from a track on a music CD

Movie Editing Mode

This mode is for editing movies imported from a digital camera, digital video camera, or other devices. Editing is done in the MPEG-1 format. Working from the images in the albums, files can be dragged and dropped onto the storyboard. Titles, sound, transition effects, and other elements can also be dragged and dropped to create inter-phase effects. The editing board requires no special setup beforehand.

Layout Mode

ImageMixer helps you create layouts using drawings, text, and image files in the albums. Layouts are provided for titles and postcards in Edit Movie mode, video labels such as 8mm, VHS, DV, and cassette, disc labels such as FD, MO, and CD, and for postcards.

Album Mode

The following functions are available for importing still images, movies, and sound to a computer. The imported contents can then be managed in Album mode.

  • Organize Albums: Digital images saved in albums can be arranged in categories or by their contents.

  • Write to Memory Stick: Write-enabled files saved in albums can be written to a memory stick.

  • Search: Files can be searched in categories of still images, movies, or sound media types and the results are displayed in a list. Conditional searches are also possible.

  • Preview, Slideshow: Preview and slideshow functions are also available for quick and easy browsing of contents.

  • Convert Files: This allows easy conversion of still images to BMP/JPEG format and movies to MPEG-1 format.

  • Edit Still Image: Still image files in the album can be edited with this still image editing function. This function includes a filter removal such as red-eye removal and mask function.

  • Print: A wide range of printing layouts are available, such as index printing and detailed printing, to match the user's specific application.

Video Disc Creation Mode

Image files in albums and edited movies can be used to create contents for a Video CD or Video CD image. ImageMixer 1.5 produces Video CDs compliant with the Video CD version 2.0 standard for providing features such as playback control functions and still image playback functions where the user can change the playback order from the menu.

*The Macintosh version of ImageMixer 1.5 does not support direct writing to CD-R, but does allow you to save a disc image compliant with Roxio's DVD/CD writing software "Toast". Use "Toast" to create a disc from the disc image created in ImageMixer 1.5.

The "Easy Video CD" utility is also provided for easy creation of Video CDs from video on the tape of a video camera connected over a USB connection. This utility uses a wizard-style interface to guide the user through the simple steps of creating a Video CD.

*No menu creation function is included.


Software Systems Requirements

  • Installation of Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Vista
  • Imagemixer software will not work with Vista, but any program that can capture video through USB will work with this adapter.  Example: Windows Movie Maker
  • Pentium(R) III 500MHz processor or higher is required.
  • However, when transferring video through a USB or an IEEE1394 connection, Pentium(R) 800MHz processor or higher is required.
  • When creating a DVD-Video, a Pentium(R) 4 1.3GHz processor or higher is recommended.
  • DirectX® 9.0b

If ImageMixer is installed prior to DirectX® some USB cameras may not be recognized. In this case, please uninstall ImageMixer, install DirectX® and then reinstall ImageMixer.

  • 16-bit stereo sound card with stereo speakers
  • 128MB or more of RAM (256MB or more is recommended).
Hard Disk
  • Recommended available hard disk space: 5 GB

When you create a Video Disc, three times more free space than the size of the disc to be created is required in the System Startup Disk. In addition, free space exceeding the size of the disc is required at the disc image destination. Depends on the edited size of movies.

  • 16MB or more of VRAM, minimum of 800 x 600 at 16-bit hi-color (65,000 colors);
  • Direct Draw driver compatible ImageMixer will not run correctly in a screen area of less than 800 x 600, or in less than 256 colors.
Supported Camera/Camcorders
Canon IXY DV M2,IXY DV M3,FV M100,FV M20,DM-FV50
Panasonic NV-GS200K,NV-GS120K,NV-GS70K,NV-GS55K,NV-GX7
JVC GR-D33,GR-D72,GR-DX97,GR-DX77,GR-DX307,GR-D200,GR-700K,GR-300K,GR-DV5000,GR-DV900K

*This product is guaranteed to work with your DV camcorder.  Other newer cameras are also supported, but have not been tested by us yet.  *

  • If the standard Windows fonts are not installed on the system, characters will not be displayed correctly.
  • For Windows XP/Windows Vista you must have administrator privileges.
  • Music cannot be imported with external CD drives.
  • When editing MPEG1 files in video editing, noise may enter into the file when MPEG1 is selected as the file saving format.
  • To create a Video CD, save the file in Video CD format.
  • To create a DVD-Video, save the file in MPEG2 format.

About Trademarks

  *'Windows® ' is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.
  *The official name of Windows is Microsoft® Windows® Operating System.
  *In addition, the company names and brand names referenced in this manual are themselves the trademarks, registered trademarks, and products of the respective companies.

The manufacturer has decided not to continue production
No other similar items available
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Hi Rick,

 I hope all is well, I just wanted to update and Thank you for some great customer service and product you provided. Your fire wire DV to USB cable works well with my camera. It was my computer that had minimum memory, that prevented me from down loading the video, as I suspected after gathering as much information about my problem. I appreciated the fact that you worked with me to troubleshoot the problem and stood by your product offering and immediate refund during the time.

I recently purchased a Dell XPS 420 w/ 3GB of RAM and 512MB vid card. I believe this will keep me going for awhile. I used your wire to down load the home movies that I wanted. I want to thank you for having contacted me as a follow-up after I was arranging to update my computer. You provided me with the product I needed when other product providers, including the cameras manufacturer could not help. I was impressed when I read the testimonial on your web site, when I decided to buy this product. I always wonder if those things are real. I see that they are. Thank You for providing such good consumer services.

 Best, B

I was very impressed how fast I got the product.  I ordered last Thursday and I got it on Monday!
You were the only place I Found this device.  Half of the people don't even know what it is including Radio Shack.

Thanks again,

From a customer who ordered an adapter from another company, but was very unsatisfied with them  "... I ordered it overnight from the other company, but it TOOK FOREVER.  More than 4 business days, so after 2 e-mails and 3 phone calls i got my 12 bucks for shipping back! probably not worth the hassle... but after ordering from you i'm all set now, I appreciate your work, and i will reccommend you to the 3 hardware pros I know (one of them is my brother) for an outstanding job that you have done! thanks a lot!!! I hope you can use my e-mails as reviews on your site or something...
Thanks again, keep it up!

Just a quick note to thank you for sending my order so quickly.  I got the 12 inch "shorty" firewire cables today and they look great.  I really appreciate the quick service.  I hope to use you again in the near future.
Corey B

Nice, useful cable, as described.  Fast shipping.  Highest marks.

Cable arrived promptly.  Pleasure to do business with you.

Excellent customer service both before and after the sale.  This is a good company to be trusted.
Jim M