Design your own custom cable

Enjoy complete and effortless control when designing your own custom cable using our industry leading custom cable design tool.  We build with commercial and industrial applications in mind; cables are RoHS and REACH compliant.

A standard custom USB cable, or USB 3.0, or Firewire, under 10pcs can be purchased, as fully functional prototypes, immediately upon completion of the design. Larger production quantities, or cables with custom connectors can be submitted for a quote. Feel free to call or e-mail with any questions!

Approximate pricing for short run prototype cables

USB Cables 1-10pcs: $50 / cable
FireWire Cables 1-10pcs: $65 / cable
Custom Connectors 1-10pcs: $75 / cable (Bulgin, Molex, JTS, etc.)

Please note before ordering:

•  Length of cable is measured tip to tip
•  Custom Cables are not subject to return / exchange / refund
•  30 Day warranty on all custom cables
•  Custom cables will be made to customer specification
•  Custom cables are pre-tested for connectivity and transmission
•  Specify any wiring different from USB/IEEE 1394 standards

Custom made cables

Use our industry-leading custom cable design tool to specify exactly how you want your cable done.

Design your own cable!


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