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You've probably read some of the customer reviews on the right side of some of our pages. Some customers have wondered if those were real or not. Well, rather than let us convince you that they're real, we're going let you see our eBay feedback so our clients can speak for themselves (see below).

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Bob - Chicago, IL

I just wanted to send a message about my positive experience with my online purchase.

I know it was a small order, but it was filled in record time. And I had a question about the order after the fact that was answered in a most friendly and prompt way. At a time when it's difficult to even get a human being on the phone, this was a refreshing positive example of customer service.

I will most definitely shop your online store again.

Brad - Brooklyn, NY

I hope all is well, I just wanted to update and Thank you for some great customer service and product you provided. Your fire wire DV to USB cable works well with my camera. It was my computer that had minimum memory, that prevented me from down loading the video, as I suspected after gathering as much information about my problem. I appreciated the fact that you worked with me to troubleshoot the problem and stood by your product offering and immediate refund during the time.

I recently purchased a Dell XPS 420 w/ 3GB of RAM and 512MB vid card. I believe this will keep me going for awhile. I used your wire to down load the home movies that I wanted. I want to thank you for having contacted me as a follow-up after I was arranging to update my computer. You provided me with the product I needed when other product providers, including the cameras manufacturer could not help. I was impressed when I read the testimonial on your web site, when I decided to buy this product. I always wonder if those things are real. I see that they are. Thank You for providing such good consumer services.

Frank - NSW Australia

Just letting you know that we have received the cables and the photographers are very happy with them.  I just wanted to say, great service, top product.

Corey B. - San Antonio, TX

Just a quick note to thank you for sending my order so quickly. I got the 12 "shorty" firewire cables today and they look great. I really appreciate the quick service. I hope to use you again in the near future.

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