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Customer applications! - Below we have a series of things that customer has mentioned or even their case studies.  Read about their dilemmas, and our recommendations on how we were able to help them.

Long FireWire DV Cable - We now carry long FireWire DV cables. Our specialty cables can run at 75ft and 125ft without repeaters! We've tested them and they work great. Customers around the world have been ecstatic with the great performance, but without the high cost of FireWire repeaters. The key to them is that they're enhanced with signal cleaning chips, enabling them to work with most cameras at a very long distance. With a standard 4pin Firewire connector, you can be assured it will work with your 4pin FireWire camera.

Angled FireWire Cables - Great for Firestore! - We've had several customers who use Firestore brand hard drives with their cameras, and they've been really grilling us about getting some different lengths and angles on both sides of the cables.We now have some in stock, and the variety is increasing monthly! Get a better cable that attaches your Firestore to your camera today. Firestore cables

Right Angle USB Mini-B Extensions - We are happy to introduce a one-of-a-kind product that we bbuilt from scratch.  A Right Angle USB Mini-B Extension cable. Available from 6 inches up to 20 inches. These short extensions will give you just what you need for your camera, GPS, Bluetooth headset or whatever other device uses the USB Mini-B connector.

Panel Mount USB Cables - Now we are carrying a larger line of Panel Mount USB Cables. This includes Panel Mount USB A, B and Mini-B Configurations, and many variations of these that are being designed or produced at the factory. If you don't see that you need just ask, we may have it on the way.

USB Repeater - Up to 328ft - You can now send USB and High Speed USB 2.0 over Cat 5 cable. It's easy to connect and work on any platform, PC, Mac, Linux, etc. It's easy to connect and it's in stock! We have an extensive line of USB and USB 2.0 Repeaters and Extenders that will meet your needs; whether you've got a home application, AV, or industrial application, we have what will meet your needs. Feel free to call us if you need some personal assistance. Our toll free number is 877-522-3779.

USB to Ethernet Adapter - Use our USB to Ethernet Adapter to connect to a network and transfer data quickly.  It's perfect for sharing files and printers with other computers on your network — and for multiplayer gaming.

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